The Best Ways to Stay Active This Winter

The Best Ways to Stay Active This Winter

October 28, 2021

If the cold has you less motivated to crawl out of bed this winter, don’t fret! Here are a few ways to stay active if the outdoor weather conditions aren’t for you.


Workout apps

With technology always within our reach, there are plenty of helpful fitness apps you can use on your phone, television, or laptop. Try out a few popular applications like Nike + Training Club or Johnson Johnson 7 Minute Workout App. Both are free and user-friendly.

Join a yoga class

The cool winter air may have your muscles more tense than usual, so make sure to stretch it out by joining a fitness class like yoga. While beneficial year-round, yoga can be rejuvenating and just what your body needs during the cold and flu season.

Join a gym for the season

If you usually workout outdoors during the warmer months, maybe consider joining a gym for the season, just until the warmer months roll around and you can run in the sun again. Sign up for group fitness classes to keep variety in your routine, and it may just make the gym more enjoyable.

Indoor swimming

The best part about swimming inside is that you are not restricted by the weather as much as you are when swimming outside. While this also means you will probably have to join a gym, swimming is a great way to get in cardio while restricted to an indoor environment.

Don’t put your health and wellness on hold during the cooler months, change up your routine for a bit, and you may find yourself with a new hobby in the process!



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