Second Opinion Service

At Corneau Wealth Management, we offer our clients a complimentary service that we call our second-opinion service. This service is dedicated to the people you really care about – your friends, family members, and colleagues – who may be in a complex situation or who just want to make sure they’re making smart decisions in today’s economy. By taking part in this service, we can help them make informed decisions by providing a second opinion on their finances.

When you introduce us to someone, we will take them through a discovery process to assess their current and future goals. We can then evaluate if their current financial professional is providing services that meet their needs. If they are, we’ll recommend that they stay with their current financial professional. If not, then we can determine if we may be a better fit. Our practice is dedicated to helping those for whom we can make a major impact. If we’re not the right fit, we promise to point them in the direction of the right solutions.

If you have someone in mind who may benefit from this service, please refer them to our office via email or by phone at (978) 299-3035.

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